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Mud Free Foam Kit

Mud Free Foam Kit


ï»The kit comes with enough mud repellant foam to cover one sport ATV or two motorcycles.  Use it on any surface where you don’t want mud to accumulate such as under fenders, skid plates, shock protectors, etc.

Our testing showed that in just a single cross country race an ATV can collect over 300 pounds of mud. A motorcycle can collect over 100 pounds. This added weight slows you down, effecting your stamina and control. Riders spend a lot of time and money reducing the weight of ATV or motorcycle and a little mud can add it all back on.

PowerMadd now offers a simple, inexpensive solution to keep the weight off. Mud Free Foam is a cut-to-fit foam sheet with a unique adhesive that sticks to powersports plastic, can be used for more than one race, even power-washed, and then easily removed. This is the kind of product racers will want to make sure they have in their trailer so that they are prepared for muddy race conditions. Saving over 100 pounds on an ATV or 50 pounds on a motorcycle can make a big difference in lap times.

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